Age Spots Removal Cream

Not sure if it's worth using age spot removal creams? This article will discuss the potential effectiveness of these kind of products and give you some great tips for choosing the right ones.

Age spots are blemishes in the skin caused by direct exposure to sunlight which causes melanin in the skin to be activated and accumulated. This would appear during the later years when the skin is susceptible to damage and is losing vital nutrients.

As such, age spot remove creams are making rampant sales due to its ease of use and identical effectivity to remove age spots.

There are however certain medical journals that claim that these creams pose a serious health risk for three reasons:

1. No approved and proven ingredients

Majority of creams do not have any research done behind their ingredients, most especially Hydroquinone, a common ingredient used in age spot creams has been known to cause dryness and irritation to the applied area.

2. Cheap Detrimental Filters

In relation to the first point, a lot of creams have harsh chemical ingredients which could appear to be working in the short-term scale, but would have drastic long-term effects which could leave your skin damaged.

3. Quality Ingredients in Too Small Quantities

There are creams that come with quality ingredients, though they are only in small quantities which would still be ineffective when it comes to results. This is a result of company policies. It could be surmised that the company is into cost-cutting, since, only a small amount of quality ingredients are added and the rest are fillers. Another reason could be that the company is placing the needed amount of legal ingredients and packaging them to sell more at a low cost.

There are however age creams that are effective, most especially if they have natural ingredients such as CynergyTK or Extrapone nutgrass root as these are provided to lighten age spots naturally and safely.

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