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First off you should be prepared. Have protection on hand for ready use. And do not be cheap about it.

Next, thanks to the wide world of internet you should spend some time educating your self about genital warts.

But, of course, that still is no guarantee of not passing the genital warts problem to you new partner. So, there is absolutely no doubt that you are honor bound to let your partner know the risk of becoming intimate. But how? What can you possibly say and when would the right time say it? Sounds like really tricky questions but the answers are not so bad.

When you meet someone the attraction is the upper-most thing on each of your minds. That's right, you have met someone that is interested in you and you are equally impressed with them. This is the time when you express your interest and tell them about yourself. This could also be an excellent time to set your mind to controlling intimate interaction until the proper moment when you are able to more safely share the knowledge of your genital warts condition.

But how long should you wait? When is the appropriate time?

Of course, there is no set time or situation that will make it the perfect moment. But there are various rules to follow in a sincere effort to avoid a total shock and destruction of the relationship.

Rule 1: Do not open the subject during your initial encounter.

Rule 2: Do not indicate your willingness to be intimate during the initial encounter.

Rule 3: Encourage a second encounter where you will be together without distractions.

When you schedule the second meeting try to make it a very personal engagement where no one but you and the partner are together. Such as a picnic, scenic ride, secluded beach, private home dinner. You get the idea.

Use this private time to get to know more about each other. Try to lead the conversation toward a more personal exchange of information. Meaning, inquiries about work, likes and dislikes, past relationships, etc.

At this point you should be able to speak more freely about those you have been with in the past, which will give you multiple opportunities to lead into the situation that led to your genital warts transmission from the other partner. Whatever you were really aware that the genital warts transmission was possible or not at the time, it is imperative that you deny such knowledge and indicate that you had no prior knowledge of that particular partner having had any possible viral infection.

The simplest way to begin such a conversation would be to say, "there is something I really need to tell your". Yes, it really is that simple. Just be upfront about your genital warts and let your new partner decide how to best handle it.

Now let us consider the alternative. You decide not to tell your partner about your genital warts and hope for the best. Soon, your partner realizes there is a genitalia problem and puts two and two together. Instead of having a conversation about the genital warts situation you now have a partner that is infuriated because you allowed the transfer without prior warning.

Just because you have acquired genital warts there is absolutely no reason to isolate your life. You have the same right to happiness as everyone else. But because you have unfortunately purchased the genital warts virus that could easily affect your partners entire life, it is only fair and right that you inform them before sharing the risk with them. They have the right to know about your genital warts and you have an obligation of letting them know … in advance.

The fact is genital warts rarely result in a serious life or health threatening situation. For the most part, genital warts are an inconvenience that most folks have been educated on and do not give them very much thought. They are looked at as little different than the common cold sore. So, do not try to make the genital warts virus any bigger than it really is.

Of course, you do not want to be spreading it around. But you do not have to hide your head in the sand, either. The truth be told, there are more than a few methods that have helped many to remove and control genital warts. It is very possible that you could easily find a solution that works for you, too.

No matter what, do not let your life become a shadow because of genital warts. Enjoy your life to the fullest. You'll be glad you did.

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